Product shooting for the new snowmobile line up 2020 in photo & video. Including press release, web and Social Media. We realized the whole event from logistics, etc. with our partner Triple X Adventures in Swedish Lapland.

Our project with Yamaha Motors EU on their Snowmobile Line up 2020 has been an exhilarating venture, marking a significant milestone in showcasing their cutting-edge snowmobile models. As the entrusted partner for content production, we took charge of the entire process, from conceptualization to post production, ensuring that every aspect of the project reflected the spirit of innovation and adventure synonymous with Yamaha.

Concept Development: At the project’s inception, our team worked closely with Yamaha Motors EU to devise a compelling concept that would highlight the groundbreaking features and exhilarating performance of the new snowmobile lineup. We meticulously crafted a vision that resonated with the brand’s values and captivated the target audience.

Comprehensive Content Production: With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we executed the entire content production process. Our skilled team leveraged cutting-edge equipment and techniques to deliver visually stunning and engaging content, be it high-quality images or captivating videos that showcased the snowmobiles in action.

Product Shooting Expertise: To bring Yamaha’s snowmobiles to life on various platforms, we conducted an immersive and visually dynamic product shoot. With a keen eye for detail, we captured the essence of each snowmobile, ensuring that every angle and feature were showcased with precision.

Project Management: Managing a project of this scale required meticulous planning and coordination. Our dedicated team  assumed responsibility for overseeing every stage of the production process together with our partner from Triple X Adventures. From coordinating schedules to supervising the shoot, we ensured smooth execution at every step.

Post production: In the post production phase, our experts worked diligently to refine and enhance the content, ensuring that it met Yamaha’s exacting standards. Through careful editing, sound engineering, and visual effects, we added the final touches that brought the content to life.

Documenting the Press Release Event: As the climax of the project, we documented the highly anticipated press release event. Our team captured the excitement and enthusiasm of attendees as they experienced the unveiling of Yamaha’s innovative Snowmobile line up. The event documentation served as a testament to the groundbreaking strides Yamaha Motors EU was making in the industry.

The project with Yamaha Motors EU on their Snowmobile Line up 2020 content production has been an immense success. Through meticulous planning, dedication to excellence, and seamless execution, we showcased Yamaha’s snowmobiles in a way that captured the imagination of audiences and elevated the brand’s identity. The project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional content that embodies the spirit of adventure and innovation. As we continue to forge such successful partnerships, we look forward to creating more captivating experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Production/ Postproduction: L. Buder, J. Michalzik