In honor of the Z50th anniversary collection and bikes captivating pictures and videos in two locations showcases the brand’s rich heritage and innovation, reaching out to the whole European market.

Our talent management team handpicked individuals whose passion for Kawasaki was palpable. Our hair and makeup experts skillfully enhanced the talents‘ natural allure, ensuring they radiated elegance and confidence. Every detail mattered, as we captured the essence of style and sophistication. The production process flowed smoothly with precision and expertise. Each moment was immortalized, ensuring that the Z50th Anniversary Collection and bikes would remain etched in hearts for years to come. In the post-production every frame, adding a touch of enchantment and artistry. The result was a showcase of the Z50th Anniversary Collection and bikes, where every detail was lovingly curated, evoking emotions and admiration.

Production, Camera, Postproduction: L. Buder, J. Michalzik