Social Media Content Production for the Line up 2020 for the whole European market

Our collaboration with Kawasaki Motors EU in 2019 was focused on captivating the new Line Up 2020. As the creative engine behind this exhilarating project, we embarked on a thrilling journey to capture the essence of Kawasaki’s cutting-edge motorcycles. Our social media content production took us to two vibrant locations, Spain and Croatia, creating an immersive experience for the entire European market.

Showcasing Across Borders: To captivate riders across Europe, we ventured to Spain and Croatia, two stunning countries that provided the perfect canvas for our social media content production. Each location enriched the visuals, highlighting the diverse landscapes and inspiring backdrops that complemented Kawasaki’s iconic motorcycles.

Pictures and Videos That Transcend: Our content production included captivating pictures and dynamic videos that transcended boundaries, transcending languages and uniting riders across Europe. Every frame was carefully curated to showcase the Line Up 2020’s innovation, style, and exhilarating performance.

An Authentic Experience: To embody Kawasaki’s spirit, we captured genuine moments of excitement and adventure. Our production team worked seamlessly to bring these moments to life, ensuring authenticity and a heartfelt connection with riders throughout the European market.

Enchanting Locations: From the sun-soaked coastlines of Spain to the picturesque landscapes of Croatia, each location served as a compelling backdrop for the Line Up 2020. Every scene brought a new perspective, showcasing the motorcycles in various settings that stirred emotions and ignited the spirit of adventure.

European Market Embrace: As a dedicated partner to Kawasaki Motors EU, we understand the importance of speaking the language of the European market. Our content production sought to resonate with riders from all corners of the continent, inspiring them to embark on unforgettable journeys with the Line Up 2020.

Unleashing the Line Up 2020: Our collaboration with Kawasaki Motors EU has resulted in an extraordinary showcase of the Line Up 2020 on social media. With boundless passion and creativity, we invite the European market to experience the excitement and innovation of Kawasaki’s iconic motorcycles.

Conclusion: A Journey of Thrills and Triumphs: The social media content production for the Line Up 2020 has been a journey of thrills and triumphs. Through captivating pictures and videos, we have united riders from Spain to Croatia, and beyond, igniting their passion for the open road and the unrivaled performance of Kawasaki motorcycles. As we celebrate this exceptional project, we invite you to explore the Line Up 2020 and embrace the Kawasaki legacy with us. Welcome to the world of Kawasaki Motors EU – where the spirit of adventure knows no limits.


Photography: L. Buder, E.Przybilla

Video: J. Michalzik

Postproduction: L. Buder, J. Michalzik