Our collaboration with Kawasaki Motors EU on the World Superbike Collection 2023 has been an exhilarating venture that spans the entire content production process. As their dedicated partner, we took on the responsibility of creating captivating visuals and compelling narratives that would resonate with the European market. From model casting to post-production, we meticulously cared for every detail to ensure that the collection left a lasting impression on motorcycle enthusiasts and fans.

Understanding the unique preferences and tastes of the European market, we crafted content that spoke directly to the target audience. We carefully considered regional nuances, cultural sensibilities, and market trends to create content that would make a significant impact across Europe. Throughout the project, we kept a keen focus on Kawasaki Motors EU’s brand identity, ensuring that the content aligned seamlessly with their vision and values. Consistency was key in portraying a cohesive image of the World Superbike Collection 2023, strengthening Kawasaki’s position as a leading force in the motorcycle industry.

The production with Kawasaki Motors EU for the World Superbike Collection 2023 has been a journey of creativity, precision, and dedication. By taking charge of model casting, hair and makeup, offering input on settings, and overseeing production and post-production, we created visuals and narratives that perfectly captured the essence of the collection. As the European market embraces the World Superbike Collection 2023, we are proud to have played a part in showcasing Kawasaki’s innovative and powerful motorcycles to enthusiasts across the continent.

Photography: L. Buder; Video: J. Michalzik; Postproduction: L. Buder, J. Michalzik